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Reasons to Try Cross-Country Cycling


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William Deyesso served as the CEO of Royal Administration Services, Inc., where he was known for his unparalleled people management skills. Now retired, William Deyesso enjoys cross-country cycling.

There are several reasons to try cross-country cycling. First, the adventure of riding across the country breeds self-reliance. The challenges one faces on the road can develop flexibility and resourcefulness while keeping him or her from retiring into the comforts of modern life.

Second, it simplifies life. In contrast to the rat race of a daily grind, cross-country cycling requires little more than the cyclist, a bicycle, and a few clothes. The only major concern is where to find food at the next pit stop.

Third, it takes the cyclist to otherwise inaccessible places. Oftentimes, outskirts are far removed from road networks that are passable by car. Some of the most scenic views are found in these outskirts. Thanks to the bicycle, the cyclist can enjoy this scenery.

Lastly, cross-country cycling introduces cyclists to a new world of adventures; in most instances, cyclists who complete their first 1,000-mile journey yearn for more. Commencing cycling as a pastime, many cyclists will become more adventurous, exploring nature and discovering places they never thought existed.