Raising Chickens to Organic Standards


Raising Chickenspic

Raising Chickens
Image: rurallivingtoday.com

William Deyesso leverages decades of industry experience to serve as the chief executive officer of a Hanover, Massachusetts-based third-party insurance administration provider. Passionate about healthy living, William Deyesso makes wine and raises organic chickens in his free time.

One foundation of organic chicken farming is that the birds must be raised without cages. This does not mean that they need to be pastured, and not every pastured chicken qualifies as organic. Simply put, to be raised organically, chickens must have access to the outdoors.

Importantly, organic chickens cannot be given antibiotics, drugs, or hormones. Factory-raised chickens consume human antibiotics, which when overused can lead to human resistance issues.

In addition, the grains chickens eat must come from non-genetically modified, organic feed sources. This reflects the dependency of chickens on milled grains, as they are unable to live by foraging alone.

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