Why Yoga Helps

 Yoga pic

Image: Yogajournal.com

Retired professional William Deyesso likes to stay physically active and healthy. One way William Deyesso challenges his body is through participation in yoga, including Bikram yoga and hot yoga. As a form of stretching more intensive and purposeful than other stretches, yoga offers many health benefits.

As most yoga exercises are stretches, yoga is a great way to loosen up muscles and joints, keeping them flexible in ways that token amounts of pre-exercise stretching cannot. Muscle tightness leads to the build-up of lactic acid, a waste product that accumulates in muscles when undergoing difficult training sessions such as weightlifting or running. This waste, in turn, fatigues those muscles more quickly. However, yoga encourages lactic acid to get absorbed into the bloodstream and, ultimately, removed from the body.

Yoga-style stretching also leads to a healthier life through injury prevention and rapid recovery. A body that is tight or fatigued is more prone to injury compared to a than a supple, flexible body. Yoga also enables muscles to recover more quickly between conventional training sessions.

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