William Deyesso has an entrepreneurial background extending more than four decades and presently engages as CEO with Royal Administration Services, Inc. His Hanover, Massachusetts, company is known for its coordinated solutions in the third party insurance administration sphere. William Deyesso also sits on the boards of a number of companies, from Russell Road Food & Beverage to V-Active Software Corp.

With a strong commitment to his community, Mr. Deyesso contributes to Boston area homeless shelters and food banks in addition to volunteering at elderly centers. He supports Toys for Tots and Camp Timanous of Maine, and is also a longtime donor to the South Shore Hospice. His service commitments extend to membership in philanthropic organizations such as Sons of Italy and the Knights of Columbus.

Mr. Deyesso also maintains a gentleman’s farm in New Hampshire where he focuses on raising organic livestock such as cattle and pigs. Among William Deyesso’s passions is micro brewing and winemaking, and he is an advocate of a farm-to-table approach to consuming locally produced food.