A Potentially Formative Influence on Shakespeare Discovered


William Shakespeare pic

William Shakespeare
Image: biography.com

Before retiring, William Deyesso served as the CEO of Royal Administration Services, Inc., where he provided a host of client-focused third-party insurance offerings. A fan of classic movies, William Deyesso also enjoys theatrical performances and is particularly drawn to the plays of William Shakespeare.

A recent article in The Guardian drew attention to the discovery of documents by a professor from the University of Roehampton revealing what may have been a formative influence on the teenage Shakespeare. Having served in various capacities as an alderman, a glover, a leather maker, and a magistrate, William Shakespeare’s father, John, was accused of illegal wool dealing and lending with “debts to the Crown” amounting to more than $26,000 in today’s money.

With the household having been downgraded in wealth and status, life in the Shakespeare family must have been overshadowed by these incidents for an extended period. Academics speculate that this must have influenced Shakespeare’s later development of skepticism toward wealth and its pretensions. These views on immorality, under the guise of monarchy, formed foundational themes in plays as diverse as Macbeth and King Lear.